Weight management and fitness are key aspects of modern-day life, as people become increasingly conscious about the importance of healthy living. We provide a range of products which caters to individual needs to ensure they work with your body to promote good health.

A ground-breaking formua, the Reg-Enor liquid dietary supplement, was developed by the revered, award-winning inventor.

Internationally known for creating the remarkable Reg-Enor Weight Management Program, the inventor has enabled thousands of people globally, to achieve their desired weight, with his miraculous formula, which helps users to reach their ideal weight in a steady, healthy way.

Sensational Invention for a Global Issue

Dubbed ‘the fat man of Europe’, the UK, according to the NHS*, is not in good stead in relation to obesity and people being overweight. Many suffer from weight related issues, but fortunately, more and more people are discovering the trusted method of ‘weight loss without starvation’ with the Reg-Enor Weight Management Program.

So, What is Reg-Enor All About?

According to the experiences of its users, regular consumption of dietary supplement, Reg-Enor, coupled with observation of the assigned special diet, getting rid of a very serious amount of excess weight is highly achievable – without starvation – and in a relatively short period of time.

Diet Without Starvation

Success with Reg-Enor is based on the simple premise of following the program and avoiding a selection of ‘forbidden’ ingredients.  This method has worked for users worldwide who strictly complied with the product requirements, irrespective of age, gender or any other factors. 

Getting the Best from Reg-Enor

Drink a small capful of the natural component liquid up to three times a day, take 3 decagram of animal fat with each meal, and consume lots of multi-fibre vegetables, less protein and minimal carbohydrate nourishments.

This will enable you to lose weight, whilst being well fed and remaining nutrient efficient – as numerous examples have demonstrated.